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Weed Spraying Booms



Wide over-the-row boom has plenty of clearance

  • Boom mounts on side of tractor to pass over rows easily.

  • Spray nozzles on each side are adjustable for best possible positioning.

  • Nozzles are mounted on coil springs, so that they spring back into position if they hit a post, vine or obstruction.

  • Quick shut-off valve is located at driver's seat for easy convenient control.

  • Entire boom is easily handled and mounted by one man, can be swung around in front of tractor for road travel.

  • Double nylon adjustable nozzles on each side produce spray pattern for complete area coverage.

One man can easily install in minutes

Note sprayers completely cover area

New Horizontal Boom

Easily adjusted to spray two rows at once.

Horizontal and vertical adjustments; double nozzle is mounted on flexible coil spring.

Ideal for nurseries & vineyards on double curtain. Adjustable for height and width. Double nylon nozzles on each side give complete coverage of one side of two rows simultaneously. Nozzles are mounted on adjustable coil-spring extensions. If nozzles strike post or vine or other obstruction, they will spring back into position with no harm done.

Orchard Boom

Three double nozzles cover area completely.

NEW - Long adjustable extension of side-mounted boom to reach far under spread ing branches.

NEW - Pivoted boom end with guard and spring return so that no damage is done if boom contacts tree trunk. It will swing back as shown and pass by safely.

NEW - Double nylon nozzle spray heads give complete spray coverage as shown at right. One, two, or three spray heads may be used as desired.

Arm contacting tree swings back to pass without
damage, assuring safe close-up coverage.


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