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Now — Dig Big, BIG Trees
with GREENHOE'S New Digging Attachment

FITS ON ALL GREEN's 3-POINT HITCH DIGGER FRAMES. Uses the same interchangeable digger blades (below).  Simply back the blade under any size tree.

1. Bracket(1) extends blade further back from the frame, thus permitting the easy digging of bigger, wider, and taller trees. Will dig any size tree your tractor can handle, easily unloading onto burlap.


All easily interchangeable

2 QUICKMOUNT Handle Kit (2) lets you tilt loaded digger forward slightly, so that top link (3) can be disconnected; then you can use handle to tilt the frame back to slide tree and root ball easily onto burlap for balling. You can handle and ball trees that are much too heavy to man-handle.

3 Larger base plate (4) has been designed to hold a full root ball. This base plate can be removed when you use blade for root pruning and under-cutting bare root stock.

Specialists in Digger & Root Pruner Blade Design

Made from 1080 spring steel - thin - tough - wear resistant. 12", 14", 16", 20" wide in stock. Or, we can make any special size you want, to order. Write or phone for details.


1. Drive down the row of plants to be dug using the size of blade desired, undercutting the length of the row.

2. Spade-cut on each side of plant. dig whole row or just plants desired. Remainder are root-pruned for better root ball later.

3. Lift the plant out of the row. Place on burlap for balling.

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