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Integrated Attachments for the Green

Angled teeth allow head to ride up over obstacles.

All attachments are mounted to the GREEN HOE in a matter of minutes. Simply remove the blade shank and quickly install any of the other attachments. Save time, work, money, and increase yields with these attachments for the GREEN HOE.

Rotary Cultivator

The rotary cultivator out performs all others in de- sign, operation, ruggedness and price. Check these features:

    Powered by heavy-duty hydraulic motor with built- in bearings to withstand shock and hard use.

    Variable speed control valve provides full torque at high and low speeds.

    Floating action and angled teeth allow head to ride up over stones, stumps and obstacles.

    Working depth is controlled by tractor's forward speed, with a maximum working depth up to 4 inches.

    15" diameter head is standard. Larger diameter is available.

    Low head profile allows for working under low growing plants.

    Hydraulic Cooler - allows for continuous operation in extreme summer conditions.

    P.T.O. pump provides continuous oil flow at high pressure.

Oil reservoir and hydraulic cooler include easy three point hook-up and all necessary fittings.

Heavy duty P. T.O. pump includes mounting bracket and all necessary fittings and hoses.

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