Hyd Row Hoe Controls Weeds Without Chemicals

Hyd-Row-Hoe Controls Weeds Without Chemicals!

Simply move the control lever in the direction you want the hoe to go - up or down, in or out.

Featuring a hill up blade above and a takeaway blade above right. Both yours with a purchase of the HYD-ROW-HOE.

Sketch showing how the blade retracts backward, away from the row. Note how you can cultivate more than half the row.

Now you can start a weed control program with Green's HYD-ROW-HOE and attachments, and eliminate herbicides. Or, by integrating Green's HYD-ROW-HOE into your current weed control program, you can greatly reduce the herbicides necessary to control weeds. The HYD-ROW-HOE and it's attachments control weeds that escape chemical applications and allow you to establish a berm as a target for more efficient chemical control.

For in-row cultivation and weed control in vineyards, orchards and nurseries, nothing beats HYD-ROW- HOE. One lever controls tremendous hydraulic power gently and easily. Simply move the control handle in the direction you want the hoe to go - in or out - up or down. Hoe in between and around plants. The unit utilizes your tractor's existing hydraulic system (no special pump is required), and is adapt- able to almost all makes of tractors. We furnish mounting brackets for over 65 tractor models and mounting is easy - only 4 to 6 bolts are required.

  • HYD-ROW-HOE attaches to your tractor in just minutes.
  • HYD-ROW-HOE is simple and easy to operate.
  • HYD-ROW-HOE performs hilling up and hoeing away functions perfectly.
  • HYD-ROW-HOE features an improved design which keeps the blade at the same angle whether arm is extended or retracted.
  • HYD-ROW-HOE features an adjustable spring depth control which allows the hoe to ride up over large stones and roots.